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75 joules Body Armour


This product is Fabulous!!!!!   We are only 1 of 2 vendors in USA selling this body armor. It is flexible and less bulky than the other  body armour products out there.. It has 75 joules rating which is race quality even though we are cruising!   There is a possibility you can swap your existing bulky body armour for this. We can make a tracing of shape and send to you. You can cut out and insert in your existing armor  insert area.

This liner jacket has Elbow, Shoulder, and Spine protection. We are using the Alpinestar BIO Armour Back Protector to be quite comfortable as well and our customers have rated it the best so far!

 We have been working on liner jackets to wear under your existing jackets or jackets with out the body armor.  We designed our denim jacket with the armour inside our high abrasion denim!   We are very excited about this product and it has proven quite comfortable , especially on long rides and multiple climates!

There are several textiles we have manufactured this liner jacket in. The Cheetah print, the black stretch lace , and white mesh stretch with many more to come.


We would love to hear from you after your purchase how this liner jacket is working!

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