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SINGLE LAYER HiAbrasion Protective MotoJeans CUSTOM FIT to your size


We are excited to introduce ARMALITH  Custom Fit Jeans, the worlds strongest denim! We have invested in fabric & equipment  and have been making  for several years now the SINGLE LAYER CUSTOM FIT HiAbrasion Protective Moto jeans of Armalith & Dyneema textiles with AMAZINGLY HIGH Slide factors!! We always want to wear our jeans because of comfort and fit! Now u can have that same feature of comfort but with incredible slide protection versus regular jeans. Most of your jeans are less than 1/2 second (which is about 4 meters) before the textile tears through to your skin. With Armalith and Dyneema there are several styles of fabric with 32 meters to 56 meters slide factors! We have all 3 grades in our studio to match your style of riding. GRADE A-AAA. Pls inquire more if you are someone who would like custom fit single layer hi-abrasion jeans. We will make a pattern from you favorite pair of jeans and go from there!! 

Generally they will run $240- $360.00 with pattern made from your favorite jeans.  And later u can get another pair in another Color depending on which fabric you choose! This pricing is for basic 5 pocket jean styles to start at $60+ minimum patternmaking fee. 

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