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Highest Abrasion Textile for Denim jean jacket!!


This Denim jean jacket has 48 % cotton for the comfort , fading , and breathablility for a great riding jacket.  This textile has shown to be much higher than any cordura nylon, polyester and more currently in the motorcycle  market. We are very excited about the look and function of this jacket. It is longer in the arms and a bit wider in elbow to fit over the Body Armor jacket with 75 Joules you would wear underneath.. The back is scooped  lower to keep air from traveling up the back. The more you wash it the softer it will get.

Note the front view photo: the right arm  of garment has the Body Armor liner underneath! You can barely tell you are wearing it. This Armor is what the  track racers are using so more than sufficient for cruise!    You got to check this out!!

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