HAN Motogear

put your rear in our gear!

An introduction to our line of women’s motorcycle apparel.

We strive to give you something  different, economical, & practical yet very fashionable. When it comes to motorcycle apparel the function truly does come before the fashion, but we believe at HAN Motogear you can have both! Our mission is to provide a quality product at an affordable price for women.

Our products are made of synthetic suedes, abrasion resistant textiles, and more!  You can clean  them economically, like in your washing machine!!!! And dry in the dryer if you like. You can even touch the hot pipes on your bike and not worry like most synthetics. Ultrasuede’s tests have shown this fabric has a much higher abrasion resistance than suede/leather which is way better than your regular blue jeans. We have body armor products available that are new to the US market and we are only 1 of 2 vendors currently carrying this product! We are very excited about it! Soft and flexible and hardly there!! It has 75 Joules rating! 

And if you are looking for a custom fit, we can make it to order!  For custom order info, please visit our ordering info page.

You'll also be excited to hear that we have some new silhouettes; garments with more multifunction, go anywhere, do anything! Get more mileage out of these products at HAN MOTOGEAR!   

We hope you enjoy reading on about our product. We greatly welcome comments and would love to hear to from you. 

Safe riding!  From The staff at HAN Motogear.

“Put your rear in our gear!”